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A Tangled Web Chapter Two: A Man Set Free

Title: A Tangled Web: Chapter Two: A Man Set Free
Fandoms: Cold Case
Author: tyhyin
Pairings In This Chapter: Jimmy Bruno/Sean 'Coop' Cooper, Jimmy Bruno/Eileen Bruno
Disclaimer: I don't own Cold Case or the episode 'Forever Blue', this is just for fun.
Summary: Sean Cooper's day started like every day had started ever since he had meet Jimmy Bruno.
Spoilers: None unless you haven't seen 'Forever Blue'
Ratings: PG-13
Authors Note: Comments=Love

Chapter Two- A Man Set Free

Sean Cooper's day started like every day had started ever since he had meet Jimmy Bruno. He woke with an erection tenting the sheets. He closed his eyes again and sighed, it had been a particularly steamy dream last night. He angled his head away from the light coming in through the cheap ass curtains the apartment had come with and rose hoping his erection would go down before he got to the bathroom. Seeing as the bathroom was only about four steps away he highly doubted that possibility. In the shower his erection was still as insistent so he got himself off thinking about broad shoulders and large hands.

Getting out of he towelled himself dry, walked into the corner of his apartment that served as a kitchen and set about making himself some toast. Once it was buttered and one slice was in his mouth the other in his hand he started getting dressed. He slipped a white t-shirt over his bare torso and went in search of his trousers. Chewing as he pulled his pants on and strapped his gun to the belt he had looped through his trousers Coop was almost ready. Finding his shirt sprawled over a chair he put it on and buttoned it up straightening his name badge. Looking at the clock he picked up his keys and started for the door knowing that he would be late for Jimmy if he didn't hurry up. Walking down the three flights of stairs to the main lobby of his apartment block and then out the door onto the street he turned to walk down to where he'd parked his car.

He'd had the same car since he was eighteen, his father giving it him as a birthday present. A Chevrolet Impala, the best gift his father had ever gotten him. He drives the distance it takes to get to Jimmy's house in his own head, reacting to the road but just out of instinct. Where he's really at is that dream last night, Jimmy straddling his hips there groins rubbing together. In his dream Jimmy had took charge with steady hands opening his jeans and pulling out his dick. Coop doubted that the older man would be so forward if they ever got to it but the Jimmy in his dream didn't hesitate before he engulfed Coops length with his mouth. The Sun had woke him up just before Jimmy had brought him to completion. Nearing Jimmy's house Coop tried to calm himself not wanting Jimmy to get in the car and to immediately notice his woody. He stopped outside Jimmy's front door and sounded his horn to alert Jimmy to his presence and so he knew to get a move on.

He turned his head when he heard the door open and caught Eileen kissing Jimmy's cheek smiling as he walked towards the waiting car. Coop sat there feeling jealousy course through him and he thought that if Jimmy were his he'd do more than kiss his cheek. With two children and one on the way he knew Jimmy and Eileen did more than kiss on the cheek but he himself would not be able to limit himself to that even if they were in public. God he was in trouble. Jimmy opened his door and got in knocking Coop from his thoughts. Smiling a wry smile Jimmy asked what was wrong and all Coop could do was grunt in reply not trusting himself to speak. Shrugging Jimmy strapped himself in and they set off to the station, Coop trying hard not to watch Jimmy out of the corner of his eye. He already knew that it would be a hard day. They drove listening to the radio Jimmy singing along and Coop grinning like the proverbial cat until he couldn't help but join in. They were still laughing as Coop pulled into the stations car park. They both got out of the car at the same time and having entered the station exited at the same time. They were to go on patrol today, oh joy Coop thought. As they climbed into Coop's patrol car he said to Jimmy "Let's go catch some bad guys."

They'd been circling the more seedy parts of the city for two hours before they came across Teddy Burke leaning against the boot of his car. Jimmy saw him first and pointed him out to Coop, then they both saw the little blonde thing run up to him and get her next fix. To hell with it thought Coop, the bastard was asking for it and he turned on the siren and turned the corner. Pulling up to a stop they both got out, Coop with his baton in his hand and said to the blond woman "Now what is a fine looking lady like you doing in a dump like this. Edging away whilst he had been speaking she just tilted her head and ran away. Burke pushing himself off his car and put his hands on his hips.

Joining Coop in moving closer to Burke, Jimmy said "They always run away from me."

Turning to him Coop replied "Maybe it's your shiny personality huh?" then with his hands around both ends of the baton he turned back to Burke and asked "What are you doing?"

Burke replied with "Selling ice cream"


"Yeah, what are you doing?"

Leaning back slightly and turning towards Jimmy he said "Ah, let me see" before he brought the baton down against Burke's right shin with his left hand. Jimmy looking at the man stood next to Burke's car, warning him.

"Argh you son of a bitch, don't you know who I am." screamed Burke holding onto his shin

"A drug dealer in an ugly leather jacket, am I getting close?" Coop replied

Raising his hand from his shin and straightening up Burke said "You're making a big mistake."

Jimmy told him to shut up and took a step forward whilst Coop put his baton on his belt and moved around to the backseat window of Burke's car.

With a "Whoa" he leaned in through the open window and drew out a yellow block of heroin holding it up and walking back round to Jimmy's side.

"There's ways to get a piece officer, that aint one." Burke said grinning at them.

Coop just said "Cuff him Jimmy." and Jimmy grabbed hold of Burke's shoulders spinning him around to press him into the boot of his own car.

Burked said "This wont stick why are you bringing me in." his words laced with laughter.

Using his baton to hold up Burke's jacket Coop said "It's your jacket, it clashes with the neighbourhood."

Jimmy pulled a cuffed Burke towards their patrol car whilst the scumbag said "You mark my words I'm gonna last a lot longer on these streets than you." gesturing to them both with his head.

Jimmy opened the door and Coop pushed Burke down into the car deliberately making it so his head hit the side of the car then said "Watch your head."

Jimmy smiled at him as they got back into the car. Burke pissed and moaned that it was a waste of time all they way back to the station leaving Coop and Jimmy nothing else to do but ignore him. Coop pulled him from the backseat and guided him into the station by a hand on his back. Once inside they cuffed him to the arm of a bench and waited leant against the opposite wall waiting for the interrogation room to be free.

They'd been leant there for quite a while when Coop turned to Jimmy and asked "Eileen home tonight?" to which Jimmy replied "Are you in love with my wife Coop?"

Coop just laughed and said "Just her cooking." which was true enough. Burke was glaring at them and pulling the bottom cuff taunt against the wood.

"She's taking the kids to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." he replied. Good, Coop thought he could have Jimmy all to himself.

Coop smiled and said "Too bad, that means we have to drink and watch TV all night without someone nagging us"

Shaking his head but smiling Jimmy replied "Damn shame." Coop shaking his head too.

They both turned, there smiles fading when they heard Owen Murphy, a fellow officer walking up the stairs from the floor below pushing a man in drag along saying "No you may not use the ladies room." then seeing Jimmy he asked "We're allowed to beat up queers for information, right Jimmy?"

"Your bust your call." was Jimmy's reply

It was then that the door at the end of the wall they were leaning on opened and Lieutenant McCree walked out, gestured with his head into his office and said Inside."

Looking back at Jimmy. Coop pushed off the wall and walked in, Jimmy following. Burke laughed from his position cuffed to the bench.

Once McCree had shut the door he said "Am I on LSD or is that Teddy Burke out there." walking to stand next to his desk, in front of them.

Coop couldn't resist. "You take LSD boss?"

"Damn it Coop save the wise ass remarks" then looking to Jimmy he asked "Why'd you guys bring him in?"

Looking incredulous Jimmy replied "He was selling smack on a corner."

"And which one of you came to me for the ok?" McCree asked turning from one to the other.

Scoffing Coop said "We gotta get permission."

McCree's facing scrunching up he said "Don't play dumb."

"Lieutenant, correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the Crimes Code say the possession of drugs is illegal."

Sighing McCree looked at Jimmy and said "Are you gonna get this jackass under control."

Jimmy swallowed and said "I'll make sure we get proper clearance on all politically sensitive suspects."

"Screw that!" Coop said "Jimmy and I have been together for a year, we've had more busts seen more convictions than any other team."

McCree just looked at him blankly and said "Your point?"

Laughing Coop stepped forward and said "Point is Captain appreciates our work, you think he knows your such good pals with Teddy Burke?"

Smiling McCree went in to Coop's personal space and said "Do not try to go over my head Coop. You'll regret it." then he turned away and said "Now scram."

"What about Burke?" Coop said

Turning back around a puzzled look on his face McCree said "What Teddy Burke, was he busted today?" smirking at the end. God what Coop would have done to be able to wipe that smug smile from McCree's smug face.

Jimmy nudged his elbow and he walked out the office with his partner on his tail. Burke was being released by another officer as they came out of the office and sauntering up to Coop and Jimmy he inclined his body just enough for it to be mocking then turned and walked down the stairs. McCree was on the take he'd known that but was Jimmy too? Coop didn't really want to know the answer to that. Half way down the stairs Burke turned around and waved at them smirking away. One day he'd see that man behind bars Coop swore to himself. The Desk Sergeant sent them back on patrol with a wary aye at a seething Coop.

Jimmy was being cautious of him and Coop couldn't stand it anymore, that or the silence. He knew Jimmy had a family to provide for so he had to do what McCree said but he couldn't stop it hurting when Jimmy didn't side with him. Losing his anger he sighed, the often used sign to Jimmy that said it was time for him to distract Coop. Almost feeling Jimmy's smile Coop heard a "That was quicker then usually." and he himself smiled.

"It aint mad at you Jimmy, you gotta know that. It's that bastard McCree." Coop replied getting serious, the need that Jimmy know he wasn't angry at him; could never be angry at him was too overwhelming. Looking at Jimmy through the corner of his eyes Coop saw the fond smile Jimmy sent him.

"Yeah I know Coop and I need you to know I hate it as much as you. You have your Dad to fall back on if McCree decides to make an example of you, I don t." Jimmy said his eyes never leaving Coops face.
What! Jimmy thought that he'd just let him take the fall for what probably would be his mistake anyway. That's what he thought of him.

Never been one to mince his words Coop said "That's what you think I'd do, cut you loose and get myself safely away!" the anger flaring in him again. When Jimmy didn't respond Coop growled low in his throat and steered the car to side of the road. Putting on the parking brake he spun to glare at Jimmy.

"Your my partner Jimmy and to me that means something. It means I'd take a bullet for you, that I'll stand by you whatever shit comes your way professional or personal." Scared that the emotion behind the words would show in his eyes Coop turned away looking out the windshield at the neighbourhood they'd ended up in.

So he wasn't looking when Jimmy's laughed and not knowing the reason he growled again almost ready to swing for him. Then Jimmy said "Your crazy Coop you know that? It means a lot to me too. You remember when Mary got sick and Eileen was at her mothers?"

"Yeah?" Coop wondered where this was going

"Who did I call?"

There it was, Jimmy depended on him. Saw him as a shoulder there for friendly support. Coop reluctantly said "Me."

Smiling Jimmy said "Yeah it was you, and it was you who stayed all night with Mary whilst I was dead in the armchair exhausted."

Coop remembered that night well, how he'd been frantic when he got Jimmy's phone call the older man sounding so panicked that Coop had said he was on his way without even finding out what was wrong. He d pulled up to the house and Jimmy had run out carrying a red faced Mary in his arms and as soon as Coop looked at her he knew what was wrong. It turned out that little Mary had a fever and that Jimmy didn t know what to do. Coop had just smiled at Jimmy and took Mary from him and ushered them back inside. Inside Coop had bundled Mary up in blankets stretched out on the couch and gave her some Calpol stroking her hair saying it would all be ok. Jimmy explained that Jason was at a friends for a sleepover. His adrenalin gone Jimmy had flopped down in the armchair opposite the couch and fallen asleep as soon as his head met headrest. Coop had spent the night telling Mary bedtime stories to ease the fever breaking. He had told her of someone he loved who had brown hair and brown eyes and that he wished this person loved him. Captured in the throes of sleep Mary had mumbled "They do." as if she knew the truth of her words and promptly fallen asleep. By morning her fever had broke and she was all up for pancakes for breakfast. So careful not to wake the still sleeping Jimmy he d made them both blueberry pancakes because that was both there favourite. Revelling in the pseudo domestic bliss of it all Coop forgot about Eileen. Mary was his and Jimmy s daughter and Coop didn t have to hide how he felt for the brown eyed man. This illusion however was shattered by Eileen racing in the door just as it turned nine frantic herself. She had got the messages Jimmy had left her at her mothers and had driven all night to get home. Coop dreading a cosy family scene that would only break his heart had excused himself politely and walked to the door, Jimmy mouthing thanks as he walked through it. Yes he remembered that. Knowing he remembered Jimmy smiled and added as a ending statement "I'd take a bullet for you too buddy." and put his hand on Coop's knee for longer than was necessary.

There shift finished at seven and Coop dropped Jimmy off at his house promising to bring back some good beer. He was sure he broke several speed limits racing back to his apartment but he really didn't care. Once inside the apartment slamming the door against the frame in his eagerness he had no idea what he was going to do. He isn't a girl and it isn't a date he thought to himself so why was he so nervous. It was because of Jimmy touching his knee it had addled Coops brain instilling something in him that hadn't been there since he'd first met Jimmy; hope. Stripping on the way to his bathroom he jumped in the shower, rinsing all his anger due to McCree away and was out in three seconds. Walking naked to his bedroom he opened his wardrobe and studied the contents. Pulling on a pair of well worn jeans and a plain white t-shirt he made to go out the door grabbing a bottle of whiskey from the shelf under his sink thinking it better than beer. Running down his apartment steps without his feet actually touching them he was in his car speeding to Jimmy's before he knew it. It was only when he was half way there that his hope deflated and he realised he was making too much of what was what they did every Friday, knowing that they didn't have to go into the station until late on Sunday.

When he arrived at Jimmy's door brandishing a bottle of Southern Comfort his mood has sobered some and he wasn't expecting the hug Jimmy gave him, damn he thought it was going to be a long night. When Jimmy released him then ushered him in he saw a matching bottle of whiskey on Jimmy's kitchen table and he smiled. Seeing him look Jimmy said "Great minds think alike." and smiled. God Coop hoped so. Eileen and the kids arrived home at nine and by that time they had finished Coop's bottle of whiskey and were three quarters of the way down Jimmy's, they weren't drunk but they were getting there. Eileen sent Jason and Mary in to say goodnight to them both and Coop sat there watching how good Jimmy was around them even in his squiffy state. When Mary came up to him she giggled at the faces he pulled at her then kissed his cheek with a whispered "Night Uncle Coop."

Coop smiled and replied "Night Lil' Mary."

Jason having said night to his father and a kiss on the forehead turned to Coop and said night, tilting his head Coop said "Night Deputy." putting on a southern accent making Jason smile despite himself. Once the kids were in there rooms Eileen came in and said she was going to bed, kissed Jimmy on the cheek and told him not to get too drunk. Jimmy smiled and promised he'd try not to, Eileen just sighed and told Coop to make sure he behaved. Coop didn't think he could keep that kind of promise but he said he would anyway. Waddling up the stairs Eileen left them alone. They passed the bottle back and forth telling each other jokes until Jimmy decided that the room they were in was too hot and stumbled out into the back yard calling to Coop to follow him. Laughing Coop got up glad that he had the whiskey otherwise Jimmy would have spilt it in his attempts to get the back door open. In the yard Jimmy had set up two garden chairs side by side facing the back fence and was already basking in an imaginary wind. Coop laughed again and whispered to himself "Lightweight.". Sitting down next to Jimmy he passed him the bottle and Jimmy took a long pull shaking off the burning it induced. They sat there in silence for a while just listening to the night and drinking it in. Then without warning Jimmy said "Why do you gotta piss of Teddy Burke like that?" passing the whiskey back to Coop. Although out of the blue, Coop knew the question was coming all night.

They needed to talk about it. Scoffing he said "Are you afraid of that scumbag?"

"It aint about fear, you know what it's about" Jimmy said his voice growing faint at the end. Yes Coop did know the reason but he wanted Jimmy to say it, needed to hear him say.

He sighed, not at Jimmy but himself and asked "What's it about Jimmy?"

Jimmy looked at him and said "Keeping my job, I aint going against McCree."

"So that makes it alright to be on the take?" Coop said tilting his head and passing the whiskey back to Jimmy. Yet again another question he knew the answer for.

"Everything's always black and white with you" Jimmy said every word on the end of a breathe "You don't know anything" and took another swig of whiskey. Jimmy was avoiding the question and Coop was steadily getting more angry.

Leaning forward in his chair Coop said "We're cops, that's all I need to know." a fire lighting in his eyes. He knew he was a stubborn bastard but he also knew he was right.

"I've got three kids. Don't talk to me about taking fifty bucks a week from a piece of crap!" Jimmy said his voice raising and passed the Southern Comfort back to Coop. To Coop that kind of attitude was just like saying it was okay.

"Then you are just like McCree" he snarled forgetting who he was talking to and reeled himself at the last minute.

"Get off your soapbox Coop! You go out there and bust shins 'cos it's another good time for you!" Jimmy said, Coop could see that Jimmy was getting angry and it just made him madder.

He was going to take another swig of whiskey but he paused and he said "I bust shins 'cos I am enforcing the law." adding two jabs at the floor for emphasis.

Jimmy let out a huge sigh and said "You and your John Wayne act.". Usually that name would be used playfully, to tease him. Now it had a sting in his tail.

"We're the law. We're here to put the scumbags away it aint fun and games." Coop replied meaning each and every word.

Then he felt the static hanging in the air around them crack and Jimmy said "Sure it is, just like the fun you had slaughtering Vietcong. You miss that free pass to kill don't you?" leaning slowly closer to Coop.

All of a sudden Coop's vision was clouded with red and Jimmy's face taunting him speaking of the years of is his life he'd rather not remember. Jimmy knew that and it hurt Coop that he'd so casually use it as a weapon to injure him. Simultaneously the leash around his tempers neck snapped and his face twisted into a grimace it hadn't had to form since he was a POW, he placed the bottle of whiskey down next to his chair. Before he knew it he was on his feet and he was hitting Jimmy across the face with his forearm, sending the brunette flying out of his chair. The bottle of Southern Comfort sat safe on the grass. Then as Jimmy was struggling to get up Coop drew back his fist and letting it go punched him in the eye with a finishing statement of "You're right that was fun."

He was lying through his teeth.

Jimmy gasped "Go to hell." and was on his feet again hands grabbing for purchase on Coop. Every touch was burning to Coop, Jimmy was touching him like he'd never done before albeit more violently than he'd hoped but all the same, he was touching him. Eventually it became too much and there was a choice for Coop to make, either pull Jimmy to him and kiss him or push him away. Using a hand on Jimmy's chest he pushed him away and as they stood there staring at each other he regretted it. Jimmy's eyes were shining deep brown in the darkness and Coop wanted to kiss him so bad that he could hardly resist. Then Jimmy swallowed and Coop stared mesmerised as his Adam's apple bobbed up then down, taking two shallow breathes Coop launched himself at Jimmy. He felt his hands touch the back of Jimmy's head then he felt Jimmy's lips against his own. Just as quickly as he'd done it Jimmy was gasping and pushing him off. Coop looked at Jimmy but didn't like what he saw so he moved his eyes to the floor waiting for the words he knew would come next. Then as Jimmy took a step forward Coop raised his head wondering why Jimmy wasn't shouting and he saw the lust in Jimmy's eyes. With the second step towards him Jimmy's hands came up to cup his face and he had resealed there lips, this time more gently. Coop was in heaven and the rest of the world quietened down leaving them alone, safe. He brought his hands up to touch Jimmy, really touch him now he had permission. Feeling Jimmy's shoulder blades beneath his fingers he hungrily ran his hands over all the expanse of Jimmy's back that he could reach. He knew he was coming across as desperate but he couldn't find the energy to care. With both there eyes shut, focusing on each other they didn't see the yellow curtains over the window set into the back door flutter as Eileen let them go. When they pulled apart Jimmy buried his face in the crook of Coops neck and all Coop was think was "Wow!".

Coop could feel Jimmy's breath ghosting against his skin. With his breathing trying to even out Coop drew his arms around Jimmy and sighed, content. When Jimmy re-caught his breath he mumbled into Coops neck "I didn't mean it." Confused Coop pulled Jimmy's face up so they were eye level and asked "Didn't mean what Jimmy?"

Looking him in the eyes Jimmy said "The thing I said bout the Vietcong, I know it wasn't fun. I was angry and I wanted to win the argument." he finished by ducking his head. Smiling Coop brought the hand that wasn't occupied holding Jimmy's waist to Jimmy's chin and raising his head drew there lips together in a soft kiss.

Pulling away he said "I know." He really did.

Never once looking away from Coop's eyes Jimmy said "What now cowboy?" Coop raised his left eyebrow, Jimmy had recovered quickly and he liked the new nickname. Smirking he tugged Jimmy flush against him so he could feel exactly what Coop wanted to do next, feeling Jimmy's answering hardness. He felt a sense of achievement when Jimmy's eyes widened and he groaned. Lust clouded Jimmy's eyes and Coop had a second to smirk before he was tackled. They hit the ground with a thud that reverberated through Coops bones and then Jimmy was straddling his waist kissing along his jaw. Assaulted by the pleasure Jimmy was giving him Coop let his hands wander. They roamed all over his back before coming to rest on his shoulders and pushed him off so he was sitting astride him. Coop gave a strangled moan and Jimmy ground his arse against the groin underneath him smirking. Coop needed to feel Jimmy's skin, needed it bad so with a growl low in his throat he pushed Jimmy's t-shirt up to reveal his torso his thumb stroking along the trail of hair he found. With another growl Coop flipped them over so that he was astride Jimmy his fingers going to unbutton his shirt. As more and more of his chest was exposed Jimmy pushed Coop's t-shirt up and over his head. Coop shivered as the night air hit his back and Jimmy grabbed his face and pulled him down into a kiss that left them breathless. Lying flush against each other, chest to chest, groin to groin, feet to feet Coop whispered into Jimmy's mouth "You sure Jimmy?" and when he nodded kissed him again. They lay there awhile enjoying the feel of each others skin until the sound of a dog barking jarred them from their bliss and reminded them where they were. Once the heat of passion was gone they were both freezing but despite this Coop was reluctant to let Jimmy go.

Grunting Jimmy said "Get off me Coop I'm freezing."

Smiling Coop replied "Aint I keeping you warm darlin'." and stroked his hand over Jimmy's shoulders causing the older man to shiver.

Returning his smirk he said "Yeah that and crushing me." and pushed Coop off of him. Sitting up Jimmy started to re-button his shirt the paused and leant back down and kissed Coop said "Get your shirt back on cowboy." then stood starting to fix the garden chairs and retrieve the whiskey replacing its cap. Sighing at the stars he too sat up and upon locating his t-shirt he pulled it back on. Jimmy was already in the kitchen putting the whiskey away out of reach of Jason and Mary. Coop stood in the garden watching him through the open door marvelling at how handsome and strong he looked. Walking into the kitchen he grabbed Jimmy from behind and whispered into his neck "What now handsome." Jimmy pulled away until he was leant against the counter facing Coop.

"We're drunk Coop. We need to go to bed." he said bringing his right hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. Coop's alcohol ridden mind saw this as an invitation.

He sauntered across to Jimmy putting his hands on the older mans hip and said "Then lets go."

Knocking Coop's hands off his waist he said "I'm going to my own bed and you're going to the couch." Leaning off the counter he walked past Coop. Was Jimmy saying they only kissed because they were drunk? He bloody well better not be. He grabbed Jimmy's wrist as he walked past and used the momentum to swing him round to face him again.

"What we did tonight Jimmy we did 'cos we wanted to, or I did I can't speak for you." he said suddenly becoming too sober. He looked up at Jimmy seeing his eyes shine.

"I wanted to, I want to." he said looking Coop in the eye.

Smiling Coop took a step closer to Jimmy and when he was suitably close enough he placed a kiss on his lips and said "Good." Taking the blanket Jimmy offered him he walked through into the living room and flopped down onto the couch with said blanket wrapped around him. Jimmy walked past on his way to the stairs and said "Night cowboy." Smiling to himself Coop allowed the drowzyness the alcohol had plagued him with take over and was soon asleep. Thoughts of Jimmy sleeping in the same bed as him eventually and the possibility that they wouldn't have to hide swirled into half awake visions of a man silhouetted by a street lamp under the arch of a viaduct. That night he dreamt of static over a walky talky, Jimmy telling him to hold on and way too much blood for it not to be fatal. That night he dreamt of his own death.
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