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A Tangled Web Chapter Five: A River In Egypt

Title: A Tangled Web Chapter Five: A River In Egypt
Fandoms: Cold Case
Author: tyhyin
Pairings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own Cold Case or the episode 'Forever Blue', this is just for fun.
Summary: Thomas McCree is a man of no religion he feels not the pull of laws written by God.
Spoilers: None unless you haven't seen 'Forever Blue'
Ratings: PG-13
Authors Note: Comments=Love

Chapter Five- A River In Egypt

Thomas McCree is a man of no religion he feels not the pull of laws written by God. He has his own set of rules, rules that were instilled in him by his father. "Thou shalt respect your elders, Thou shalt do as I say not as I do, Thou shalt treat others as you yourself would wish to be treated, Thou shalt never lie, Thou shalt always be polite." Things were simple when he was small, the world was big and he was innocent, sure in the knowledge that his parents would love and protect him. The rules back then where gentle, designed to benefit both him and his parents. When he hit puberty the world shrank and reality hit him tenfold. His father lost his job and began to drink. At first he just passed out and he and his mother were left to eat dinner in peace but the more he drank the more he could handle it. He remembers with startling clarity the first time his father raised a hand to his mother. He was in the kitchen washing the dishes when he heard noise from the living room. The door was ajar so he could see right in, his mother was stood up his father facing her. She was asking, pleading with him to get a job and clean himself up and Tom could almost see the moment his father turned from being a drunk to a violent drunk. The second he saw his fathers arm raise he was stood in front of her in a flash, on instinct. The blow meant for his mother caught his chin. His father had looked momentarily dazed before he fell backwards into the coffee table and passed out. That night his mother wept into his shoulder. A bruise formed on his chin, purple and blue. Every time his mother looked at it her eyes filled up with tears.

It was then after that night that the rules started becoming cruel and were enforced upon his mother too. Their rules differed but were essentially the same. His mother could not talk to or associate herself with other men and Tom could not have friends over, the other rules continuing in the same oppressive fashion. There were five rules until he was fifteen and he brought his friend Stephen home with him one day after school so he could help him with his algebra homework. They went up to Tom's room and Stephen tried to make him understand why the numbers were suddenly letters. To Tom the night had gone well, he had a slight understanding of algebra now. His father on the other hand did not think the night was a success. Almost as soon as Stephen was out the door his Dad was muttering "Queer." under his breath but it wasn't until he went back to his room that his Dad let loose. Shouting at his mother, why had she let that little faggot boy into there home. Tom had sat on his bed his body tense, on edge. He had to be alert, his father could turn violent in a flash. He didn't. When he came down for dinner that night he saw the look in his fathers eyes and a sixth rule was written. Thou shalt not be a faggot.

He and his mother lived there lives dodging his fathers drunken temper. By the age of seventeen he was a master liar, lying about where he got the bruises, why friends couldn't come over, why his clothes were falling to pieces and weren't washed. Slowly as he grew up defying his father all the way his fathers rules became his own. It wasn't until he became Lieutenant that his father died. When his mother rang him with the news he felt a loosening at his neck and suddenly felt the urge to do things he hadn't dared do before. He grew up hating being told what to do, craving power. Being a cop brought him power and he was pretty good at beating people up. Thinking back on it he finds it funny that he ended up as a Lieutenant of Philly PD, he'd been pretty sure he'd end up a crook. Using his powers for good instead of evil he supposes. But even a policeman has rules he must follow and it's that fact that lead him to Teddy Burke. Being on the "take" means he can take the Policeman’s Code and twist it to his own gain and that's exactly what he did.

Being in charge of 4,250 Patrol Officers indeed brought him power. Having never cared for popularity he didn't care that most of them hated his guts. He feels his is a fair man, he gives everybody three chances until they become an enemy. There are some that he is on friendly terms with Murphy, Scuttoro, Mann, Peters and Reynolds. They are also on the take, introduced to it by him. His life as is easy except for one thing, one person. Sean Cooper. The only person he has to answer to is Sergeant Cooper, Sean’s father. The thing about Cooper is that he isn't a complete jack ass because he is the Sergeant's son but because that is his nature. The first strike. Cooper acts righteous and is a war hero from Vietnam and it really infuriates Tom. The second strike. Never before has he broken the sixth rule but Cooper tempts him and it leaves the worst taste in his mouth. Out of everyone in the whole department Cooper is the one he wants the most to unleash upon his accumulated power but the shadow of Serge looms over him and he finds himself once again bound. That is Cooper's third strike. The arrangement with Teddy Burke is that he gets half of the drug dealers earnings if he turns a blind eye to his business ventures, subsequently the patrol officers get equal shares of his half if they also turn a blind eye. If Serge ever found out about his deal with Teddy Burke it'd spell disaster for Toms dreams of one day being Commissioner. That is his fourth strike. Cooper is the only person he has ever known that has been issued four strikes, mainly because when others got three strikes he dealt with them. He is unable to do that with Cooper and it makes him feel like he is on a leash.

Cooper started making sarcastic comments that hinted towards a knowledge of his and Teddy Burke's deal a month ago. It all comes to a head however when one day Cooper and Bruno bring in Burke. He hadn't seen them come in because he was engrossed in paperwork, just because he was on the take doesn't mean he could let his responsibilities slide. He had looked up and seen Burke handcuffed to a bench next to the Desk Sergeants area. He sees Cooper and Bruno standing outside his office and he thinks "Sonofabitch!" Raising himself out of his chair he strode across to the door, opened the doorway and said "Inside" to the two men outside. He waited by the door till there both in the room.

Then closing the door he said "Am I on LSD or is that Teddy Burke out there?" folding his arms as he walked to stand in front of them.

Cooper the sarcastic bastard replied "You take LSD boss?"

"Damn it Coop save the wise ass remarks" he said exasperated then looking to Bruno he had asked "Why'd you guys bring him in?" hoping that looking at Bruno and away from Cooper would keep his temper in check.

Bruno had looked like the answer was obvious and replied "He was selling smack on a corner." Bruno was being as obtuse as Cooper apparently.

He had looked at each one of them in turn and asked "And which one of you came to me for the ok?" He knew it would rile Cooper and that was half the reason he said it.

Cooper had scoffed and said "We gotta get permission."

Cooper knows that Tom is on the take and Tom knows he knows, and Cooper's dumb act was wearing thin so he said "Don't play dumb."

Next Cooper had quoted the law at him "Lieutenant, correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the Crimes Code say the possession of drugs is illegal."

Sighing he has looked at Bruno and said "Are you gonna get this jackass under control." Bruno had swallowed and said "I'll make sure we get proper clearance on all politically sensitive suspects." Yes thats right Tom has Bruno on a leash just like everybody else in the department, except Cooper.

"Screw that!" Cooper had said "Jimmy and I have been together for a year, we've had more busts seen more convictions than any other team."

Tom didn't gve a fuck if they'd caught Al Capone themselves and so he had said "Your point?"

Laughing Cooper had stepped forward and said "Point is Captain appreciates our work, you think he knows your such good pals with Teddy Burke?" So Cooper thought he could intimidate him did he. Tom did what he always did when danger loomed he fought back.

Smirking he said "Do not try to go over my head Coop. You'll regret it." then he turned away and said "Now scram."

"What about Burke?" Cooper said.

Tom knew that what he was planning to say next would really stick it in Coopers craw so he turned around a broad grin on his face and said "What Teddy Burke, was he busted today?" Cooper's fury was clear in his eyes and if not for Bruno nudging his arm Tom thinks he would have tried to punch him. He laughed silently at that thought, Cooper could just try it.

That had been a month ago and now he found himself sat in a church waiting for who of all people but Cooper. It was Bruno's new sons baptism and he had been invited. He actually likes Bruno he just feels sorry that he was partnered with such a foolhardy piss ant as Cooper. Bruno, his wife there two eldest kids and Serge are up at the front with the priest waiting for Cooper, who apparently is going to be the poor kids Godfather. They've been waiting forty minutes when the bastard finally arrives, banging open the church doors like a superhero come to save the damsel in distress. He tucks his shirt in as he walks up the aisle and Tom feels disgusted. You don't walk into a church with your shirt untucked. He barely hears the service all his attention focused on Cooper. Unaware to him he has developed a strong hatred for that man it has bloomed out of bondage. He cannot act on his hate therefore it has grown. The service is over before he knows it and as everyone else is walking out of the church he sees Murphy take Serge aside. He files that away to be thought over at a later date and goes outside and gets in his car to follow the rest back to the Bruno's for the reception.

There are a lot of pretty women at the Bruno's when he gets there and he tries not to strut into the house like the cockerel his father always wanted him to be around women. Some habits are hard to break. He gets himself a tumbler of whiskey and starts making his rounds of the women there. None of which he finds pleasing and he really tries. Soon enough his tumbler is empty and he makes his way through the crowd to the kitchen. He opens the doors and is standing just in the doorway before he knows someone is in there. It's Cooper and Jimmy's wife. They are arguing. Jimmy's wife, Eileen he thinks says "How could you do this to me Coop, to us?" and alarm bells go off in his head. Cooper replies with "What do you want from me." and he sees there hands entwined. Eileen turns and sees him. She leaves with a hand over her mouth edging past him. Tom tilts his head and says "Looky what we got here." whilst putting his tumbler down on top of the Bruno's fridge. Cooper responds with a "Give it a rest." and turn to face him straight on. "How long's it been going on?" Tom asks and when Cooper doesn't answer adds "Does Jimmy know?" Cooper looks at the floor and says "No." Feeling victory deep within him he says "What would you're old man say, his own son banging another cops wife?" and he knows he's hit a nerve when Cooper replies "You leave Serge out of this." Tom has to refrain from smirking, Cooper has fallen for the bait. He always finds it proper to warn people of the terms of their blackmail up front. "Oh you don't tell me what to do, not ever again." Feeling righteous fury swell in him he steps closer to Cooper and says "I don't give a rats ass about you, but Jimmy's a good man. He doesn't deserve this." pausing a breathe he says "You end it, you understand?" Cooper looks as if he is thinking before he says "Yeah I understand." He doesn't sound the least bit ashamed so Tom continues "This is a cops wife, you crossed a line." At this he sees some recognition in Cooper's eyes and he says "I know." He finished with "You better." He had gotten himself another tumbler of whiskey all the while Cooper stayed stood in the same spot. The rest of the party was spent wondering if Cooper would really end it with Eileen. Well even if he didn't Tom would for him.

The next day there is a folded piece of paper in the pigeon hole outside his office door. He reads it sat at his desk, it says:

"A man in denial is a man shut off from himself."

He knows exactly who it's from even though it has been typed up. The fucking bastard, he'll kill him. When Serge and Murphy tell him what Cooper and Bruno are doing his hatred swells tenfold. The bastard is corrupting a man who has three kids and a beautiful wife. At home in bed that night he dreams of comforting Eileen. But once he loses control of his consciousness Eileen looses her breasts and turns into Cooper. His last conscious thought is to swear that he will kill Cooper.
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